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Alcohol Server Certification ABQ

Alcohol Server Certification ABQ

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Since 1946, the New Mexico Restaurant Association has actively represented and promoted the foodservice industry in New Mexico. When dining at one of more than 1,000 member restaurants, you can be sure that you are eating in a restaurant with owners committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety, service and customer satisfaction. NMRA restaurant members are also dual members of the National Restaurant Association.

The New Mexico Restaurant Association is dedicated to empowering the food and beverage industry by promoting and protecting our common values and interests. Contact us at 800-432-0740 for more information.

On the Front Burner - Key Ingredients You Need to Know Today

Avoid Scams  - This video link shows how a General Manager from Sadies, one of our member restaurants, was able to spot a scam from someone posing as a representative of PNM.  We told you about it first here in August 2013 its still happening…

Do Not Tip Back of the House Employees - Don't face costly fines!  The following links will give you some guidance on the legality or in this case the illegality of the practice...

Know the Minimum Wage Rate in Your AreaView NMRA's wage information on our website to verify the wage in your municipality.  Also, be sure to utilize the links to the individual wage posters and ordinances so you have verification.  Wages can sometimes change due to the CPI (Consumer Price Index).

Why Membership Matters...