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Email Marketing for your Restaurant

How should you tackle email marketing for your restaurant?  Fishbowl can show you how! Fishbowl is yet another great benefit you receive when you are a member with the NMRA. Fishbowl is a website that you can use to help you e-mail all of your clients, employees, or customers all at the same time. As […]


Music Licensing for Restaurants

One of the membership benefits offered by New Mexico Restaurant Association is a discount on music licensing fees.  Two of our associate members, BMI and SESAC, offer discounts to our restaurant members.  Contact them by linking below. BMI – or via email at or via phone at 615.401.2873 SESAC – or via […]

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Smiling chef serving customers in restaurant

Cooks as Waitstaff – Would it Work for You?

How would it look in your restaurant if you tried using cooks as waitstaff, even for one evening?  Such a staffing change would present a whole new culture in your establishment.  A new scratch bar in L.A is trying an innovative new service model where there are no servers. The cooks of the restaurant will […]

how to nurture staff

How to Nurture Staff and the Customer Experience

A happy staff leads to happy customers! If you nurture your staff, you are indirectly nurturing your customer’s experience.  When they come in the store, your satisfied employees will treat them with amazing customer service and the goal won’t be just to get paid.  It will be to improve the business that they appreciate thanks […]

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