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Reduced Work Comp Insurance through FISIF

What if your insurance carrier gave their profit to you? Sound crazy? That’s what they do at FISIF – Food Industry Self Insurance Fund of New Mexico.  Because they are not an insurance carrier– they are a workers’ compensation group self-insurance fund. After claims and expenses are paid, any remaining premium is returned to the […]

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Discounted Labor Law Posters

Having Up-To-Date Labor Law Posters Offer Protection Against Fines & Lawsuits.  OSHA4Less offers discounts on Labor Law posters for NMRA Members. A flurry of recent government administration turns mandatory labor law posting upside down. Businesses everywhere face the daunting task of staying compliant while feeling the pressure to keep up with numerous recent and anticipated […]

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How to Respond to a Foodborne Illness

How you respond to a foodborne Illness can make or break your restaurant. It is important that you make the right choices. It is important to take the right steps when you find out that there has been an outbreak or you or an employee has been contaminated. The most dreaded call in the food […]

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Keeping Norovirus at Bay

Keeping norovirus at bay and saving your restaurant from a situation like the one Chipotle has been facing lately can save you from a hard year. Chipotle has already announced that their sales dropped by 30% in December after the E.coli outbreak in their locations. Though they are working at getting their business back in […]

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