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Attract Young Families to Your Restaurant

Attract young families to your restaurant. Restaurant Hospitality and the NMRA know frequent family diners mean a better bottom line for your restaurant. But how to attract them?  Fresh, locally-sourced, simple meals are key. But what else will keep your tables filled? Here are some great suggestions: Keep menu options simple and visually pleasing. Think […]

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Restaurant Technology – Meeting the need

Does your restaurant technology meet your customers’ needs? New Mexico millennials are tech-savvy consumers. From online ordering and tabletop tablets, to free Wi-Fi and mobile payment, there are a wealth of choices. The NMRA and QSRWeb has some ideas for you. Check out the info below to discover what types of technology your customers want to […]

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Music Licensing for Restaurants

One of the membership benefits offered by New Mexico Restaurant Association is a discount on music licensing fees.  Two of our associate members, BMI and SESAC, offer discounts to our restaurant members.  Contact them by linking below. BMI – or via email at or via phone at 615.401.2873 SESAC – or via […]

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Restaurant Insurance Consultations

Have questions on restaurant insurance? Linton and Associates has you covered!  These local experts in health and business insurance provide restaurants with solutions for property and casualty insurance and group and individual health insurance. Restaurants have specific needs when it comes to protecting themselves, and managing the maze of options while also running your busy […]

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DO NOT share tips with back-of-the-house employees!!! $50,000 Fines involved!! In the restaurant business, we all know the pay discrepancy between servers and cooks. Cooks and dishwashers are some of the hardest working individuals in your restaurant, yet they can’t share in tips because restaurant tip sharing is against the law. Because of this law […]


Many times when I am working on behalf of restaurants in New Mexico I think of the founding fathers. I don’t mean those guys in New England, I mean the people who formed the New Mexico Restaurant association 70 years ago. We have a copy of the Articles of Incorporation and I’m amazed by the […]

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