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National Restaurant Association Dual Membership

Our restaurants that have a membership with NMRA also have an included membership with the National Restaurant Association.  The NRA is a invaluable resource for anyone in the industry.  Their website provides articles, tools, information, and education that you need to run your restaurant. Founded in 1919, the National Restaurant Association is the leading business […]

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Email News and Alerts from Your Association

New Mexico Restaurant Association’s email news and alerts are the best way for you and your restaurant to stay informed. What’s the latest on minimum wage law?  Need an employee manual?  What food trends should you be following on your menu?  How should you handle tips?  Want the latest management techniques for managing the back […]

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Two teenage girls taking picture with cell phone at pizza restau

What’s on Your Menu for Generation Z Diners?

The new young adults in the 20 and under age group, or “Generation Z” are the next demographic to watch. The Millennials are now 21 t0 36 years old.  They are starting families, and watching their spending more carefully.  As these Millennials are getting older, their restaurant attendance has decreased. While they are eating more […]

A chef teaching a culinary student proper knife techniques.  Shallow dof, focus on the teaching chef.

Handling Back of House Staffing Shortages

Restaurants have been losing kitchen staff and their skilled hands at a fast pace, and bigger cities are suffering from the loss the most. Staffing shortages have affected restaurateurs across the nation, and a few in New York and Chicago have both voiced their opinions on the issue and are now trying to solve the […]

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