Benefits to Belonging

ART missing the mark

Albuquerque Rapid Transit – NMRA Supports Members on Route 66

Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) project should be a catalyst for a better, more beautiful Central Avenue and a better, more economically vibrant Albuquerque.  Instead, it will create a bus dominated, congested street, where citizens will have to re-route in response to the elimination of left turns.  It will destroy some already struggling businesses and compromise […]

Notebook with  tax credit sign on a table.

Saving with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

NMRA is proud to tell you about F.R.E.E. Inc.!  F.R.E.E. helps you save money by assisting you to fully utilize the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.  They offer a members-only discounted fee for the first year of services.  Also, there is no up-front cost to you, as the fees are based only on the tax savings […]

More Benefits to Belonging

Restaurant Resources

Professional kitchen in a restaurant

Maximizing Your Kitchen Space

Any smart restaurateur knows a happy chef and kitchen crew means a productive kitchen and an improved bottom line.  Most chefs pride themselves on their ability to prep, cook and plate meal after meal in small work areas. But at the top of every chef’s dream list is more space. What can you do? You […]

Dish with shrimp on the table in the restaurant.

Lower Food Costs Save You Money

Keeping on top of food costs is a must for restaurant management. There’s good news for restaurateurs seeking both a balanced budget and the best ingredients for their kitchen! Restaurant Hospitality is predicting falling food supply costs. Wholesale food prices decreased 2.9 percent in  January 2016 through April, 2016.   A midyear outlook predicts the trends […]

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