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Sweet Deals on Radio Advertising with Cumulus

GET $28,950 IN RADIO ADVERTISING FOR YOUR RESTAURANT WITHOUT CUTTING A SINGLE  CHECK! Sweet Deals is a restaurant-specific advertising and marketing program through Cumulus Radio. In exchange for honoring 110 gift certificates (purchased by our listeners for $25) valued at $50 each, your restaurant will receive the following on all 8 of our powerful stations […]

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Restaurant RockStars Creates Sale Stars in Your Restaurant

Dear Member: In this challenging business of running restaurants, its rare to find an effective product like Sales Stars that can transform your business, elevate guest service, increase your profits and deliver immediate R.O.I. Its worth your time to take a moment to consider two such products detailed below created by restaurateur and entrepreneur Roger […]

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Department of Labor Audit Tips

What should you do to prepare for a Department of Labor audit? In recent years, the Department of Labor (DOL) has shifted some of its focus over to the restaurant industry, and they have also cracked down on its enforcement initiatives. The DOL generally invesitages restaurants to make sure that they are following minimum wage […]


Creating a Limited Time Offer

A limited time offer accomplishes many things for a restaurant. It creates a buzz in the community, it serves as a sort of marketing strategy and it also can help you to try out a new menu item and see the reaction. Offering a limited time offer menu item can allow you to offer your […]

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