Finding good employeesExcited to jump into the new year?

Well, you should be.

Here is a list of 10 different things you should be thinking about heading into 2019.

The Perfect Time of the Year for New Changes

The start of the year is a great time to roll out whatever changes you want for your store. This way, you’re keeping things fresh and exciting for your customers.

1. Menu Changes

The New Year is a perfect time to roll out a new menu. Customers are ready to dive into some fresh and exciting recipes.

If you have repeat customers, adding new food and drinks to your menu will keep them coming back. Not only are they getting great service, but they are also getting a new list of food items to choose from that are unique to your restaurant.

2. New Menu Pricing

As inflation grows, so does the price of your menu items. Make sure you raise the price of your food and drink items on par with inflation. This is the perfect time to do so if you are rolling out a new menu.

3. Website Development and Updates

This ties into menu changes, but make sure you keep your website updated and moblie friendly. Having a live website is crucial in this day and age, as new customers will often search online for new restaurants to explore.

Make sure you have strong online marketing for the changes your restaurant is going to implement for the new year.

4. Don’t Overestimate Capital Requirements

If you want to give your restaurant a new look, don’t overestimate on your capital requirements.

Heading into the New Year could mean renovations, but don’t blow your budget on an expensive new look. This often leads to bar and restaurant failure, as owners far overestimate the return on investment.

5. Ensure a Proper Number of Two-Top Tables

Two-top tables are some of the best money-making set ups. Make sure your establishment has a large number of two-top tables heading into the new year. These turn over fast and make the most money per hour, so don’t skimp on this feature.

6. HR Advice

As upper management, it is crucial you maintain transparency and honesty with your staff. This will make changes going into the New Year far smoother and will enhance the operation of your business. A staff that feels appreciated by management will almost always go the extra mile.

7. Find a Theme

Find a theme going into the New Year. What do you want customers to see? What do you want them to feel when dining at your establishment? Find a theme you want to create and tackle as a restaurant.

8. Draw up a Set of Goals

Find a set of goals you want to accomplish as a business. Do you want to beat last year’s food sales? Do you want to beat a daily sales record? A list helps motivate growth.

9. Map Out a Spending List

Based on your profit for that year, go over what you can and can’t afford. This will help determine what changes can be done within your budget.

10. Get Them Excited

The New Year is time for some new changes. Spice up your establishment and give you customers a little something new to taste. They will love it.

Ready for the New Year?

It’s always exciting as a new year approaches.

So be sure to pass on that loads of positive energy to your own restaurant business with the right plan and perspective.