This year it’s more important than ever for our members to talk to local and statewide elected officials about issues affecting you restaurant. We call this advocacy: the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. What’s better than advocating for ourselves and your employees.

Here are 15 Ingredients for Successful Advocacy:


  1. Be kind and respectful.Remember the IRS – Inquire-Relate-Share.
  2. Be truthful. Know what you are saying and don’t lie! Have integrity about your word.
  3. Use facts where you can but don’t forget to appeal to emotion. People make decisions based on emotion.
  4. Be brief and concise in your message.
  5. Don’t threaten!
  6. Keep arguments on the issue not on personality.
  7. Get to know the staff. Work with them if you can’t get to  the legislator. They can be your greatest ally.
  8. Tell your story; be vulnerable…from the heart.
  9. Check your politics at the door. It’s the issue that matters.
  10. Understand their point of view.
  11. Ask for specific action. Don’t just leave them with your opinion.
  12. Point out how issue benefits/hurts constituents in their district.
  13. Everybody communicates differently. Find out their communication preference.
  14. Tactics: Email, phone, personal visit, snail mail.
  15. Invite legislators and city councilors into your restaurant. Show them your operation, have them make a pizza, salad etc on the line. Don’t be afraid to show them your payroll. Many have never seen the multiplier effect a $1.00 increase can make to a payroll.

Please join us for a FREE webinar on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 from 3pm to 4pm to discuss very important topics like the $15 minimum wage, 5-days of sick leave for all your employees, loss of the tip credit, soda tax and liquor tax and much more. Please REGISTER today!

Interested in learning more or have questions? Carol Wight, CEO of NMRA is here to help you tackle political advocacy! Feel free to email Carol or call her at 505-343-9848. Visit our website for more blogs and information.