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Hospitality Industry Education Foundation Awards Unprecedented $61,000 in Scholarships to New Mexico Students
Scholarships Supported by Generous Donations from Local Restaurateurs and Vendors to the Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry Education Foundation is pleased to announce that they have awarded nearly $61,000 in scholarships to 30 students from New Mexico pursuing a career in the hospitality industry.

“We are proud to help support these students as they continue their education after high school,” said Victoria Sánchez Martínez , Executive Director of the Hospitality Industry Education Foundation. “These students have proven themselves with an active interest in the foodservice industry and with a solid academic achievement record. They are poised to continue their growth and development as future leaders of our industry.” The foundation would also like to thank the numerous scholarship donors who make the awards possible. Never before has the foundation received so many generous donations to the scholarship fund, which made possible the large distribution of scholarships this year.

“We are pleased to see so many of our students look for rewarding jobs in the restaurant and foodservice industry — the cornerstone for career and employment opportunities — as they continue their education,” said Carol Wight, CEO of the New Mexico Restaurant Association. The New Mexico Restaurant Association is a founding partner of the Hospitality Industry Education Foundation. Research shows that from 2006 to 2017, the number of jobs in the restaurant industry is projected to increase by 20.3%. “We are proud to provide these students with the opportunity to become valuable assets within this tremendous industry.”

The scholarship recipients are as follows. They are grouped by their city of residence. The name of their chosen academic institution and the name of the scholarship they received are also indicated.

1) Emily Alden, Johnson and Wales University, Michael Allen Fuller Memorial Scholarship
2) Anthony Curet, Culinary Institute of America, Tinsley Hospitality Group Scholarship
3) Erin Davis, New Mexico State University, National CineMedia and Payday Scholarship
4) Brandon Gutierrez, University of New Mexico, Monroe’s Restaurants Scholarship
5) Rylee Hahn, New Mexico State University, Zanios Foods Scholarship
6) Alex Rael, Central New Mexico Community College, US Foodservice Scholarship
7) Tyrus Sanders, New Mexico State University, Frontier and Golden Pride Restaurants Scholarship
8) Charity Teague, Central New Mexico Community College, Frontier and Golden Pride Restaurants Scholarship

1) Jose Gonzales, Eastern New Mexico University, Jose Montoya and TS&S Eateries Scholarship

El Prado
1) Callie Benjamin, University of New Mexico, Linton and Associates and Lovelace Healthplan Scholarship

Las Cruces
1) Kevin Chavez, Arizona Culinary Institute, La Posta de Mesilla Restaurant Scholarship
2) Kristopher Chavez, Arizona Culinary Institute, Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ Scholarship
3) Hannah Gill, Dona Ana Community College, Garcia’s Restaurants Scholarship
4) Nichole Griffin, New Mexico State University, Frontier and Golden Pride Restaurants Scholarship
5) Joseph Kester, New Mexico State University, Sysco New Mexico Scholarship
6) Janice Nicholas, New Mexico State University, Double Eagle de Mesilla Scholarship
7) Peter Screnci, New Mexico State University, Seattle Fish Company of NM Scholarship
8) Jay Stubbs, New Mexico State University, Bill Kouri and FA West Memorial Scholarship
9) Bryan Teal, New Mexico State University, Hugo Paul Briesh Memorial Scholarship
10) Trang Tran, New Mexico State University, NMRA Board in Honor of Representative Mary Helen Garcia Scholarship

Las Vegas, NV
1) Daniel Romero, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Shamrock Foods Scholarship

Los Alamos
1) Travis McInroy, New Mexico State University, The Hill Diner Scholarship

Los Lunas
1) Matthew Hernandez, Central New Mexico Community College, Church Street Cafe Scholarship

1) Jozie Arviso, New Mexico State University, La Ventana Steaks and Spirits Scholarship

Ojo Caliente
1) Nicole Lucero, New Mexico State University, Vick’s Vittles Scholarship

Rio Rancho
1) Michal Hebert, New Mexico State University, Southern Wine and Spirits Scholarship
2) Briana Morales, Central New Mexico Community College, Taylor Restaurant Equipment Scholarship

1) Patrick Abalos, New Mexico State University, Furr’s Restaurant Group  and R3 Scholarship

1) Jonique Sais, New Mexico State University, Scalo Northern Italian Grill and Melendres and Melendres LLC Scholarship

The Hospitality Industry Education Foundation (HIEF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling the educational mission of the New Mexico Restaurant Association. In addition to administering the ProStart Program, HIEF awards scholarships to students pursuing a degree in the hospitality industry. To learn more about HIEF programs call 1-800-432-0740.