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 Legislative Advocacy

The 2015 legislature is coming to an end on Friday, March 20. We have been tracking over 100 bills that would affect your business. One particular bill that still has a chance, although slim, is a bill that was generated in direct response to member inquiries. In January, we, NMRA, were inundated with calls and emails letting us know something was up with Unemployment Insurance costs. Your team at NMRA swung into action. We spoke with the Secretary of Workforce Solutions. We formed a coalition of business groups and we put together legislation with the help of the New Mexico Business Coalition and Representative Larry Larranaga. This legislation would decrease some benefits to the unemployed to help build the unemployment fund. The fund is currently at $74 Million dollars and is not considered adequate until it is over $400 Million. We continue to do everything in our power to get this bill passed but the road through the Senate is not going to be easy with only 4 days to go.

This is just a reminder that NMRA is the only restaurant advocacy organization representing you and your interests in front of lawmakers. We provide legislative advocacy for restaurants—Members and Non-Members alike.  We develop legislation on your behalf and we testify on issues like minimum wage, right-to-work, alcohol regulations, unemployment insurance, work comp and food safety issues on your behalf.  Check out  this article   about our advocacy.

Keep yourself informed by visiting our  NM Legal and Regulatory Alerts  on our website frequently.  It includes our stance on these vital issues and also lists the sponsoring Senator or Representative along with upcoming related committee meetings.  This service and advocacy helps all of us in the industry.  Don’t forget who is in your corner.  Membership Matters!