Tristin Rogers

Hollow Spirits Distillery – Albuquerque

This year’s winner has worked in the industry for over 21 years, and says he has loved every minute of it.  He started out as dishwasher and now owns and runs his own restaurant.  According to him, it has been a blessing every second of the way!  This chef uses his platform to do more than share amazing dishes.  He uses his talents and outgoing personality to help others grow while also raising awareness for worthy causes.  Teamwork and collaboration are a big part the success of this chef and his restaurant, Hollow Spirits Distillery.  He does not hesitate to pull other chefs into the limelight to be recognized.  He also has volunteered a significant amount of time and resources to support young culinary students as a mentor.  This chef shared that one of his personal goals is to raise awareness to major issues like mental health for industry people.   He has been instrumental in bringing other chefs together for fundraising and support towards many causes, including helping other local chefs and operators who are having difficulty during the pandemic.   And, let’s not forget the food.  One of his nominating peers said, “He is magical and innovative in the kitchen and makes each experience for diners a unique one.  His presentation and attention to eye catching and sophisticated elements on each of his dishes has to be experienced.  He has a passion that he demonstrates with every dining experience he presents.” NMRA is proud to honor our 2020 Chef of the Year, Tristin Rogers of Hollow Spirits Distillery. 

About Hollow Spirits Distillery

Hollow Spirits Distillery is a craft distillery opening in 2018. Just blocks from downtown in Albuquerque, NM our convenient location will serve all things craft and local. Our handmade artisan spirits will be at the base of our seasonal craft cocktail menu but Hollow Spirits will also feature a selection of the finest beers New Mexico has to offer, delicious local wines, and non-alcoholic drinks.

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Location & Contact Information

1324 1st NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 433-2766

New Mexico Restaurants NOW! Podcast ep02 – Tristin Rogers, Hollow Spirits Distillery, Albuquerque

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