Here is my New Year’s wish for NMRA Members and all of our brothers and sisters who show up every day to work in restaurants across the land of enchantment.

Who would have thought that our industry would be turned upside down for two entire years? I want to thank all of you who showed up and continue to serve those tired souls in need of warm food and companionship. Our industry has always been one of caring for and helping others. We as individuals are mostly an outgoing sort who love to make people happy. That’s why we are in the hospitality business; we care about people. 

The 2020 year of isolation and shutdowns was challenging for so many people in our industry because we want and need people around us. 2021, without shutdowns, but with the same amount of anxiety about possible shutdowns, and two new COVID variants has been equally challenging. There is twice the workload for those who show up to work because others aren’t showing up. You deserve an award for tirelessly serving others during this time of high anxiety. 

In 2022 I am praying that we will find a better normal, and that we find a way to keep our most vulnerable safe and allow the rest of us to live our lives serving others and helping where we can. I’m so proud of how the industry stepped up to help others during the most difficult days of the pandemic. I’m also grateful to our state and federal government leaders for stepping up to provide the relief we needed to bring our industry back. We are a resilient bunch, and we will get through this together and as an association of restaurants and restaurant supporters that care. 

From the staff here at NMRA, we wish you and yours the very best and a most prosperous 2022.