State of the New Mexico Restaurant Industry Presentation

 2023 NMRA Legislative Agenda

The Federal Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) was a $2.8 Billion dollar federal fund that was administered by the SBA on a first-come, first-serve basis.

1500 NM Restaurants applied for the fund.

600 NM restaurants received the fund, which allowed them to pay off their pandemic debt.

928 NM restaurants applied for but did not receive the money and are straddled with an average debt of $160,000.


We are asking the legislature to provide relief for the restaurants that did not receive the Federal Restaurant Revitalization (RRF) money.

1. Renew the GRT Holiday Tax Credit for four months for those businesses that did not receive the federal RRF. This holiday was granted by the legislature in 2021 when the industry was just coming out of the pandemic.
2. Support funding to connect the industry to the 39 CTE programs across the state that focus on restaurant management training.
3. Consider the creation of loan extensions for loans that were given through the NMFA during the pandemic. Some businesses were burdened with balloon payments after only three years on loans from the state.

Paid Family Medical Leave

Many businesses are just one disaster away from closing down – and increasing their taxes again could be devastating for them and their employees! In addition, inflation is creating a strain on everyone, and this is just one more cost New Mexicans cannot afford. The PFMLA would take an additional .5% of all employee’s wages, and employers would pay an extra .4% of all wages paid. Businesses in our state already have difficulty adjusting to and dealing with the significant costs added by the Healthy Workplaces Act. Adding another costly tax on New Mexicans will only serve to further disenfranchise struggling local businesses. We ask you to oppose Paid Family Medical Leave.

Minimum Wage & Tipped Wage Increases 

NMRA is opposed to increases in the minimum wage and the elimination of the tipped wage. New Mexico has seen significant increases in minimum wage in recent years and the restaurant server community have been vocal in their defense of the tipped wage. We ask the legislature to forego minimum wage & tipped wage discussions this session.

Increased Funding for Tourism Advertising 

We support investing in tourism marketing to bring in new dollars, create new jobs and showcase our beautiful state. The New Mexico Tourism Department has clearly demonstrated that marketing New Mexico outside the state has huge benefits for the state’s economy. For every $1 spent in tourism advertising, we see $3 in state and local taxes and over $30 spent in local economies.

Bail Reform & Pretrail Detention 

Crime is a real problem in New Mexico and has a tremendous impact on the tourism and hospitality industry. As an industry we are concerned with the impact crime has on the security of our establishments, the safety of our employees and the negative image of New Mexico as a destination. Much needs to be done to curb the crime spree in Albuquerque. We support any substantial criminal reform that will help reduce property crime and violent crime.

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