Did you know that as a member of NMRA, you are also a member of NRA (National Restaurant Association)?  Of of the many perks of NRA membership is admission to the NRA Show?

2023’s NRA Show will be in Chicago May 20-23.  You can learn more about the show here.

National Restaurant Association has provided us with some FAQ’s on how to access tickets for the show.  If you have additional questions, call NMRA’s membership department at 505-343-9848.

Where do members register?

On the National Restaurant Association Show website: https://www.nationalrestaurantshow.com/

Who should members contact if I have any questions about the NRA Show or registration?

Since the NRA Show is owned and operated by Winsight Media and they assign the promo codes, members should contact their dedicated NRA Show Customer Care line (864) 699-6435 or restaurant@maritz.com. This information is also published on the Show’s website under Contact Us.

What changed with registration?

Members will no longer use the combination of the main contact’s member ID#/last name to register. Instead, they will “Start Registration” and enter their name and contact information on the first page. On the bottom of that page is a Promotional Code box to enter their unique code.

What is a promo code? Is it the same as their Member ID#? Do I need my Member ID#?

No, member ID#s are no longer required. The promo code is different than your member ID#. It is a unique code assigned by the NRA Show team that grants 1 free registration to attend the NRA Show.

When and who will receive their email/promo code?

Emails are being sent an ongoing basis to the primary/main contact on file for the membership.

 What if the member does not receive the email containing the NRA Show promo code?

Members are advised to first check their clutter, junk or similar folders for an email containing their promo code. It is encouraged to mark these messages safe, so they do not miss important NRA Show updates.

The NRA Show registration page contains a link for members to email the Registration Customer Service directly. The Registration team is trained to lookup a member and their assigned promo code. They will contact NRA Membership team with any questions.

 What if members call the SRA office directly for their code?

We recognize this is a transition year and members continue to see you as their “go-to” for questions, and rightly so.

Winight Media has increased overall communications and clarified language on their website about who to contact about registrations questions. They will also be adding language directly on the registration page reminding attendees to check clutter/junk folders, etc. for an email containing their promo code.

Their registration team is also trained to lookup a membership, in case an email address was missing or incorrect. If they have any questions, they will contact the National Restaurant Association’s membership team to verify status.

What’s the good news? We are already seeing a trend in a reduced number of calls to the association office for questions about registration. We are hopeful you will too.

With all that in mind, we know there will be more questions along the way. Please feel free to reach out to the association’s membership team at Membership@Restaurant.org to explore further questios and solutions.

 I have a restaurant who just became a NEW member AND wants to attend the Show. Who do I contact?

Send their full contact information including email address to Membership@Restaurant.org.

 When do most attendees register?

Attendees tend to start registering in March with the vast majority registering in April and May.

 Why are we making this change?

This new process simplifies the registration process for our members making it easier to register using a complimentary badge. The former process of using the combo of member ID#/Last name primarily led to confusion since most members have multiple ID#s (SRA vs NRA and company vs individual) and were unsure of which one to use.