Did you know that as a member of NMRA, you are also a member of NRA (National Restaurant Association)?  Of of the many perks of NRA membership is admission to the NRA Show?

2023’s NRA Show will be in Chicago May 20-23.  You can learn more about the show here.

National Restaurant Association has provided us with some FAQ’s on how to access tickets for the show.  If you have additional questions, call NMRA’s membership department at 505-343-9848.

 When does registration for 2023 open?

  • Show registration opens in the Fall. Peak registration starts in mid-March through May.

 When does marketing for open registration begin?

  • Official marketing and promotion began in late October. Members received an email with their promo code at this time and will continue to receive reminders directly from NRA Show promoters.

What are NRA Show promo codes?

  • NRA Show promo codes contain the allotted complimentary member badges for NRA members, which is one per dual membership. The promo codes replaces the “Member ID/Primary Contact Last Name” process from previous years.

How will the registration process change?

  • Members will be sent a promo code to register for their complimentary badge. Then, on the NRA Show registration page, instead of entering their Member ID# and the last name of their primary contact before beginning registration (as was done in the past), they will Start their Registration and then enter the promo code directly on the registration form. The promo code will comp the fee for one registration.

 Who receives the NRA Show promo codes?

  • The primary contact listed under a company’s membership will receive the promo codes in an e-mail.

 What if the member does not receive the email containing the NRA Show promo code?

  • The registration page contains a link for Members to email the Registration Customer Service directly to request their promo code. The Registration team is trained to lookup promo codes and will contact NRA Membership team with any questions.

Will I still need a member ID for free registration to the NRA Show?

  • No, member IDs are no longer required. You will only need the promo code provided to your company’s primary contact.

Why are we making this change?

  • This new process simplifies the registration process for our members who register using a complimentary badge.