what's your story written on blackboardIf you can share your restaurant’s personal story it can deepen the relationship you have with your customers. Telling your customers how you got to where you are today can help them feel like they know you and your brand. This is a great way to encourage regular business with local consumers. Here are some tips on how to establish that closeness with your customers by storytelling;

  1. Be more open and inviting – Instead of being aggressive when you are announcing a new promotion or menu item, try telling the story of how you came to that idea with your customers. This could get them excited about the promotion and it is a gentler way to announce your ideas.
  2. Encourage feedback & dialogue – If one of your marketing strategies is to tell stories and be closer to your customers, one thing you mat want to pay attention to is openness to feedback. If you make it clear to your customers that you want to hear what they think, you will get a lot of constructive feedback.
  3. Develop long term relationships – encourage waitstaff to notice regulars and build up a relationship with them. This will only keep regulars coming back and it will make your restaurant, no matter the size, seem closer to home.

If there is something else about storytelling you would like to know, visit the full article at the National Restaurant Association website.