A chef teaching a culinary student proper knife techniques. Shallow dof, focus on the teaching chef.In today’s understaffed kitchens it is all the more important that you do not loose any restaurant staff. Replacing a kitchen staff member can cost about 3,800 dollars, and with rising prices in a tight economy that in itself should be enough incentive to make a restaurant manager want to be a good leader. Leading or being a mentor can be very important to a person’s life and their career. This can change someones path or help them get ahead. However, mentoring can be very difficult. Here are 4 ways that you can better yourself as a mentor.

  1. Realize that there is always a chance to be mentoring someone.
  2. Always be a model for the best practices.
  3. Be aware emotionally.
  4. Make sure you are listening to your employees and not just talking at them.

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