Employee handbooks are important to set forth company expectations on policies and procedures. An employee handbook gives the employee and management a guide for expected behavior. If employees do not abide by the employee handbook, it could provide protection from employment lawsuits by providing evidence of an employee’s violation of company policy.

Here are 5 reasons why you should HAVE and USE an employee handbook:

  1. It ensures uniformity in restaurant policies and procedures, which assists staff and management in communicating work expectations.
  1. It minimizes risk for employment disputes and potential lawsuits by making all work expectations known to staff.
  1. It establishes a metric against which staff performance can be measured. 
  1. It allows the establishment of a written foundation for improving upon and evolving better policies and procedures, which can be evaluated over time for efficiency and productivity.
  1. It is a way to specifically capture and solidify workplace culture, which assists in cultivating a positive atmosphere and team-building.

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