Franchise opportunities concept of new business opportunitiesThough signing a franchise agreement can help restaurant owners get off on their feet, but there are definitely ways that a franchise may not be what you expect for your business. This is especially true if you do not pay attention to the end outcome of signing a franchise. First things first, if you are considering starting a restaurant or joining a franchise you need to think about what your end goal is and whether or not a franchise will allow you to get to that goal.  You can get off on the right foot by looking at some franchise agreement tips. There are five common mistakes that people make when they sign a franchise agreement:

  1. Failure to consider an exit strategy
  2. Overlooking royalties and fees
  3. Are you personally liable
  4. Beware of rights of first refusal
  5. Pervasive litigation is a red flag

NMRA has provided you with some tips, and if you want to know more about franchises, you can learn more in this article from Jeff Elgin and Entrepreneur Magazine offer some more advice, here…