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Wondering what this association is all about? We are an association of over 1200 restaurant professionals in New Mexico. We use our collective strength to garner discounts, make important policy changes, and help our members find greater success.

Since 1946, the New Mexico Restaurant Association (NMRA) has actively represented and promoted the foodservice industry in New Mexico.

We represent all foodservice outlets in New Mexico with a membership of over 1200 locations statewide. The restaurant industry statistics in New Mexico show that restaurants employ over 82,000 persons and represent over 2 billion dollars in sales annually.


Our mission is to empower the food and beverage industry by promoting and protecting common values and interests.

We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the general membership at the annual meeting. Directors are selected from members in each of the Congressional districts throughout the state to ensure statewide representation. We have a strong political action committee that is active in both state and national politics. We also offer education and training, member benefit programs and special events targeted to the restaurant industry.

Membership is open to any firm or establishment actively engaged in the foodservice business including purveyors of goods and services to restaurateurs. All regular (restaurant) members of NMRA are automatically members of the National Restaurant Association.


Our vision is through the active participation of our members, NMRA will be the leading advocate and invaluable resource for education, political action, information and services for our industry.

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Our Mission:

To empower the food and beverage industry by promoting and protecting common values and interests.



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DISCLAIMER: NMRA does reasonable due diligence into the reputation for commercial reasonableness and fair dealing of the businesses who apply for and are accepted into the NMRA Endorsed Program, however each member of NMRA who enters into a business relationship with any business listed above must perform their own due diligence at the time of engagement of the Endorsed Program provider and may not rely upon the denomination of that provider as having been accepted into the NMRA Endorsed Program. NMRA expressly disclaims any liability to any NMRA Member or any other party who elects to retain or employ an NMRA Endorsed Program provider. ALL CALCULATIONS ARE BASED ON AVERAGE SAVINGS. YOUR EXPERIENCE MAY BE DIFFERENT.

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