Adwallet really wants to make sure to highlight the restaurants that are staying open and helping thru this really unsure and scary time.

We are offering a $1 for $1 match on any ad spend for members of the NMRA.  This allows us to donate any profit that AdWallet would have made to the restaurant itselfIn an effort to help our beloved New Mexico restaurants operate through this tough time… AdWallet has designed a unique offer with AdWallet that’s designed to get New Mexican’s the info they need to keep supporting local restaurants.

We are offering to promote the two websites “What’s Open NM” and “The Serving NM Fund” (an Employee Assistance Fund) on behalf of all the members of the NMRA. Helping our over 35,000 local AdWallet members navigate what is open, how to order, buy gift cards, or donate to the assistance fund, all while supporting local!

For every dollar you contribute to the campaign, AdWallet will match your contribution with $1 of our own. Unlike any other advertising medium, on AdWallet you are ONLY charged when a member (that you have targeted) takes action! This means they have watched your commercial, shared it on social media, downloaded your offer and clicked through to your site (in this case the “What’s Open NM” and “The Serving NM Fund” sites.)

AdWallet is proud to be a local company, and it’s our honor to help New Mexico’s restaurants in this most critical time.

We are all in this together and look forward to helping as much as we can!

Contact Valerie at today.