Providing access to supplemental benefits can be a huge help in recruiting and retaining employees. Ready to offer these benefits now?  Contact NMRA’s Membership Department to be connected with a representative.

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Given the increasing complexity of the healthcare environment, it’s important to provide more innovative solutions to meet the needs of your employees.  Aflac has offered a national platform fro NMRA members, so you will get different group rates than individual local coverage– but you WILL have a New Mexico representative to help you! Here’s a bit more about some of the offerings:

As an added bonus for NMRA members, if a traditional coverage is chosen (see those listed below), value-added programs for financial fitness and fraud protection can be offered.

Custom Offer Highlights For NMRA

Accident Triple Option Offering:
Guaranteed-issue coverage is available with a minimum of 3 participants
Provides 24 hour (on and off job) protection
Benefits are paid directly to the insured, unless otherwise assigned
The plan doesn’t have a waiting period for benefits
Benefits do not reduce as insureds get older

Cancer Triple Option Offering:
Benefits are paid for early detection and preventative care, like mammograms, PSA blood tests, and many other kinds of cancer screenings
Initial Diagnosis benefit is payable once per covered person, per lifetime
Benefits are paid directly to the insured, unless otherwise assigne

Whole Life:
Guaranteed-issue is available base on participation requirement
Benefits are paid directly to the insured, unless otherwise assigned
Coverage is available for all family members
There are no pre-existing condition limitations
Benefit face amount do not reduce as insureds get older
Advanced Claim Payment
Accelerated Death Payment for Terminal Illness.

Provides benefits if you are hospitalized for 24 hours or more.
Pays a daily rehabilitation facility benefit, an emergency room benefit and a hospital short stay benefit.

Provides benefits if a disability is caused by a covered injury while the policy is in force. Benefits payable up to the total disability benefit period selected. Benefit subject to elimination period shown in the Policy Schedule and income requirements.