Below are the candidates for Albuquerque City Council thoughts on the proposed sick leave ordinance.

District 1
I fully support the initiative and worked to get it on the ballot. It’s unconscionable that tens of thousands of Albuquerque workers have no access to earned sick leave to recover from an illness or help a sick child recover.

In the long-run this is not a smart decision because the increased regulations will create an unhealthy economic environment in this city and will eventually stifle the growth of small businesses which are the economic engine of any healthy community.

Small business cannot withstand this kind of pressure. Although it is altruistic, it is not realistic.

I support paid sick time for all workers, however, those benefits must not do harm to the very businesses that provide the jobs in the first place. If it passes, we must monitor it closely to avoid negative unintended consequences.

District 3
Klarissa Pena
Working with the supporters of the bill and the business community I worked to strike a compromise. There was immediate backlash. This was a missed opportunity to develop a sick leave ordinance that would be a win for workers and business owners.

Christopher R. Sedillo
As it is written, I would not support it. I do believe it would be a negative impact on business and with Albuquerque’s high unemployment rate it will only make it worse. It is in the hands of the voters October 3rd, 2017.

District 5
I oppose the Healthy Workforce Ordinance. It is a job killer that will strangle economic growth, and will most dramatically impact small business owners. Ordinances like this will further facilitate the exodus of our best and brightest millennials.

We need to strike a balance supporting our workers, and our businesses. When a worker gets sick they deserve paid sick leave, but, the business community should be at the table and buy in to this idea.

I am supportive of paid leave for employees, but we need to be sure and limit the impact a policy has on businesses. The proposed ordinance does not address front loading, differentiation between safe time and sick time, or public health emergencies.

District 7
I support giving workers sick time. It is a health issue for workers and for their clients, customers and patients. However, there are flaws in the ordinance as it is going to the voters.

I oppose this ordinance, which the incumbent supported. It is not a “business friendly” initiative and if adopted, would not be subject to revision or repeal. Ordinance turns employee and employer adversaries in an already depressed labor market.

District 9
If approved by the voters, it could significantly harm the Albuquerque economy during this very fragile recovery. I own a small business. The ordinance is over-reaching and anti-business and would hurt the people it is trying to help.

I oppose the ordinance. Government has no right to interfere with two people (employer and employee) entering into a contract.

My position is that on its face it’s good, but the voters and business owners need to be educated on this issue to better understand the variables and how it affects small business and corporations.