Provide amenities they want.

You don’t have to build an amusement park in your restaurant.  Free Wi-Fi is plenty. How many kids do you notice in your restaurant with a tablet or smartphone? Make sure seating is spacious enough for the whole brood. Make your space the attractive alternative to grab-a-burger-on-the run. Invest in high chairs, tables to fit a family and a spot for strollers.

Stress a casual atmosphere.

Create a restaurant environment where kids and young families are comfortable hanging out.  Add fun drawings and upbeat music.  Offer a  living room-like  vibe which parents and kids can relax and enjoy

Offer convenient options.

Make the meal convenient. Whether or not it’s take-out or dine-in, remove the hassle. Parents want to keep their kids in line, fresh, easy to order meals and friendly staff,  Provide that, and you will soon win your way into a young family’s good graces.

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