employee theft and fraudYou want a successful restaurant. Consequently, you count on your staff to make it happen. For many restaurant owners, their staff are family. A well-oiled staff builds trust over time. Despite that trust, dishonest workers take advantage. Understandably, no restaurant owner wants to face that situation. However, the threat of employee theft and fraud is real. Thieves use inside knowledge to steal money out of your pocket.

Furthermore, restaurant employees know how exactly how money is handled. In addition, dishonest workers can exploit weaknesses in accounting systems . Therefore, get a grip on your money. You can stop restaurant rip-offs and employee theft and fraud

Enterpreneur gives you a checklist to keep your restaurant safe and in the black. Common crimes at small businesses include:

  • tampering
  • skimming
  • payroll, and cash larceny schemes

Employee Theft -What You Can Do

Stop Restaurant Rip-Offs

  • Most noteworthy, a study revealed small businesses suffered 30 percent of the fraud cases.
  • Small restaurants risk rip-offs because of  lack of oversight.
  • In addition, small businesses suffer the same level of theft as much larger companies.

Watch Where the Money Goes

  • Split manager responsibilities. Insure your business is monitored.
  • Avoid one person handling your finances.
  • Split up oversight.  Lower your chance of rip-off.

Make Your Restaurant Rip-Off Proof

  • Build the right team for your restaurant.
  • Spend time in interviewing.
  • Do background checks.
  • Create a culture of honesty.
  • Hire carefully.
  • Tell employees the operation is monitored.
  • Have auditors make routine and surprise visits.
  • Make vacations mandatory. Small business crimes are committed by someone who is always there.
  • As a result, potential thieves have access to transactions.

Entrepreneur reminds restaurant owners common-sense suggestions will save money and worry. Dig into the rest of their ideas for a safe business here.