Scam Alert written on the roadBad English Restaurant Scam

We actually got this fax in our office at NMRA
Subject: Dinning Enquires
For 22nd July to 25th July 2010, time: 6:30pm
> Good day Sir/Madam,
> How are you today? I am Major General Jose Galvan, a retired
> force (Army). There is 3 days Military conference training in July, and I
> am to sponsor thirteen (13) soldiers for dinner. I need to book dinner for
> the soldiers coming for the training at your restaurant; they will all
> come for dinner in your place from the date below 22nd July to 25th July
> 2010, time: 6:30pm I will want you prepare them 3 course menu with good
> treats. No special dietary!.
> They will be happy for any suggestion you may render, since this is their
> first time to dine in your restaurant. Provide me the total cost of the
> dinner for the 13 soldiers for the 3days. In addition, get back to me with
> the total cost.
> If your restaurant is capable to serve them for the 3-night dinner, let me
> know, to provide my payment details (cashiers check or credit card) for
> full payment confirmation and reservation.
> Please get back to me with grand total cost, and the availability.
> I wait to hear from you.
> Regards
> Name: Maj. Gen. Jose Galvan
> State File Number: 145-66-074159
> E-mail:
> E-mail: