Salad. Greek Salad isolated on a White Background. MediterraneanAs healthy food and eating rise in popularity, there is a pressure on restaurants to lead the way to healthier options. Restaurants are becoming a bigger part of peoples dining habits every day, and they are often a more popular way to purchase food than the supermarket. While restaurants are getting more and more popular. they are starting to make that move towards healthier menu items to fit the current trend. If your restaurant has not considered updating your menu to include healthier options, here is a list on some ways you can improve.

  1. Increase the produce – Americans are searching for more fruits and vegetables to be included in their meals so make sure some of your menu items have plenty of produce!
  2. Simplify Recipes – More than ever before people want to find simpler, natural, and non processed ingredients on the menu.
  3. Change up your kids menu-Try adding more lean and vegetable healthy items to your kids menu.
  4. Shrink your plate size- mini bite-sized choices are popular right now, creating a smaller lunch option of your menu items will attract the attention of these tiny appetites.
  5. Create some meatless meals – Meat free meals for vegetarians can only increase your customer base.

If you want to apply any of these nutritious tips to your restaurant take a look at Restaurant Nutrition for more information. More…