This business is hard enough!  These tools will help you Work Smarter, Not Harder.  It’s time to Maximize your PROFITS, Optimize your SALES, Build epic BRAND LOYALTY and deliver amazing CUSTOMER SERVICE experiences.

In this powerful live webinar, Roger from Restaurant Rock Stars shares his 3 secrets to successful staff recruiting, team-building and effective training.

  • Secret #1: How the Common Approach to Restaurant Hiring is the WRONG Approach
  • Secret #2: How to Build your “Dream-Team” Staff, Cut Turn-over & Empower your team to think like owners
  • Secret #3:  How to Double Sales Through Training, Recognition & Rewards

Roger is a restaurant industry speaker, author, personal restaurant coach and host of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast. He opened his first restaurant 25 years ago with no experience, and begins the webinar by telling his “on the edge story” of near disaster and how he went on to open several more high-volume concepts with double the Net Profit of the average full-service restaurant.

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Here is a link to the PowerPoint deck from the webinar


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