Drunk driving injuries and deaths are a preventable occurrence, especially when the drinking occurs on a licensed premises. It is a server’s job to ensure that a person is not overserved and if they become intoxicated, they do not drive. Below are some tips on how to monitor and prevent drunk driving.

Monitor Number of Alcoholic Beverages Consumed Per Person

Holiday parties and gatherings are a prime location for people to consume alcohol to the point of intoxication. When these parties occur at a licensed establishment, the bartender, server and manager must ensure all individuals are not overserved. At corporate parties, when there is one tab for all individuals, it is a little more difficult to monitor how much each person is drinking. Maintaining individual tabs and combining them at the end of the event is a good way to track how much each person has consumed.

Offer Incentives for Designated Drivers

Offering incentives such as free non-alcoholic beverages and appetizers can encourage individuals to forgo drinking and drive their friends home. Though these drivers may have the best intention to remain sober, make sure to note if they start drinking and continue with other avenues of ensuring they get home safely.

Partner with Transportation Services

Having cards ready for taxi services, discount cards for Lyft or Uber, or offering to phone a friend are some ways for a server to prevent an intoxicated person from driving. Communicate with the intoxicated individual that you are concerned about their safety and offer an alternative method for getting home.

If these steps do not work and the customer insists on driving, calling the police is the best option. This is the only way to prevent a drunk driving incident if the person has left the establishment.

To learn additional ways of monitoring the sale of alcohol on a licensed premises, get Alcohol Server Certified through the New Mexico Restaurant Association. We offer face to face, online, and private classes. For more information, go to www.nmrestaurants.org.