AGD’s regulation changes are now in place.  Most recent regulations changes affect sales and distribution through out New Mexico.  The summary of changes are provided here: ALCOHOL AND GAMING RULES 6 12 17. 
Please be aware the summary DOES NOT list the complete changes. The full regulations are Here.
Some important highlights are below:
  • 15.10.51 Sales – Restriction on Sales:
  • Open Container Restrictions – addresses growlers.
  • Sales to Intoxicated Persons – Prohibits “bottle sales” for distilled spirits. Beer in pitcher, wine in carafe still allowed if served with food or to more than one person. Clarifies the 2 drink rule – allows for flights.
  • BYOB Exception; private parties on a licensed premise – clarifies that no one may bring a previously purchased alcoholic beverage onto a licensed premises except for a private party – “corkage” is not permitted.
  • Alcohol Service by Employees – Adds a section clarifying that alcohol may only be served by servers with a valid server permit (or must be within 30 days of employment) and must be employees or contractors of the licensee. Self-service is not permitted except for a carafe of wine or pitcher of beer previously served. Employees may not drink except for product training or evaluation, or an owner may consume as long as they do not become impaired. Entertainers not otherwise employed may consume (band members etc.)
  • Gambling on a licensed premises – clarifies the statute. An area where gambling will take place must be physically separate, the license suspended for alcohol sales, signs posted, and not alcohol in gambling areas.