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Sassella is the name of a tiny Italian village. It is also a type of wine.
Nestled at the base of Alpine slopes in Northern Italy, the small town of Sassella has persevered over the centuries. It is located in Lombardy’s Valtelline valley, a region known for hot spring spas, skiing, cheeses, and wines.
Sassella is derived from the Italian word for ‘rock’. The village prides itself in vineyards planted on terraces cut into the side of its rocky slopes. Surrounded by high snow-capped mountains and set among the vineyards is the Santuario Madonna della Sassella, a tenth century chapel that looks out over the meandering river Adda and the ancient town of Sondrio. It is these historic vineyards that produce a distinctive grape called the Nebbiolo from which the Sassella wines are crafted.
Executive Chef Christian Pontiggia hails from this region and this culture. He brings the underlying tradition of fine Italian dining into contemporary world cuisine, producing innovative dishes that are a delight to the eye as well as the palette.
Chef Pontiggia is the recipient of many awards. In addition to working at two Michelin Star awarded restaurants in Europe, he has received awards for cooking and wine knowledge from the Chaine des Routisseurs. The Italian government recognizes him as a Master Chef and he holds a culinary degree that certifies him as a Doctor of Oenogastronomy.
This restaurant provides a unique stage to highlight Chef Pontiggia’s culinary artistry. We invite you to experience the merging of new world cuisine with old world traditions in his signature style.

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