We’ve always said that together we are stronger.  That has never been more true.

While there may always be “bad apples,’ we just cannot afford them right now.  If restaurants do not follow the State’s Guidelines in dealing with this crisis, we risk the increase in case numbers and another possible closure. Restaurants also need the optics of readiness more than ever.  We need our regulars and new customers to feel comfortable coming to see us.  Word of mouth is a powerful thing.  So many restaurants are displaying safe practices.  We all reflect on each other, and reopening at a higher percentage is within sight, IF we stay the course for now, and follow the state’s guidelines.  Don’t be the bad apple.

NMRA has a pulse on employee and public sentiment  through our social channels, online chat feature,  and phone calls.  Our Facebook Page and New Mexico Restaurant Resources Group receives many comments daily. While we try to focus on the positive, we feel it is important to bring to light some of the comments we are seeing.  We have redacted the names of the restaurants.  Here is just a sample.  Don’t let this be you!

“XXXX and XXXX were two restaurants that either didn’t appear to be taking any precautions, or were mocking precautionary measures (e.g., employees had masks around their necks, were wearing gloves but hugging one another).”

“I love XXXX but they are not wearing masks at all when handling food, phone, money, or working with customers. There were 2 employees at front. I would like to go back but I questioned my choice that day when I didn’t see them taking things seriously.”

“XXXX” has been insanely packed since reopening patios. I pass it frequently and multiple family members have noticed that it is extremely packed. All the people waiting on tables are huddled in front of the restaurant waiting, no masks.”

“XXXX” from the beginning did not help their employees feel protected. It did not have any mask, gloves or antibacterial gel for employees. Even after an employee had a concern about a second party contact with Covid.  Bosses telling employees to not call in sick come to work anyway. Even now when wearing mask is required it’s not always carried out. No gloves are used while packing the food either.”

We’ve already seen two or three restaurants shut down completely.  Don’t let this spread! See current reopening guidelines here.  Please pay attention to current guidelines, and if you need help, call us.