Limited Time Offer store price tag merchandise or products specA limited time offer accomplishes many things for a restaurant. It creates a buzz in the community, it serves as a sort of marketing strategy and it also can help you to try out a new menu item and see the reaction. Offering a limited time offer menu item can allow you to offer your customers new menu items while keeping your menu the same. If you are interested in creating a limited time offer for your restaurant you can follow these six tips to ensure success.

  1. Be Creative -Not only should the menu item be delicious, it is great if you can also find a way to incorporate some other element into your LTO. 
  2. Factor in Frequency – Once you know which of your limited time offers is the most popular, you should not feature that one as often as all of the others. This creates an excitement for your customers. 
  3. Add a Charity Element – If you can find a way to have some of the profits from the LTO go to a popular charity, or if you can find another way to raise awareness you will gain more interest.
  4. Get the Word Out
  5. Mind Your Brand – Don’t lose track of your brand while creating a fun LTO, you have to make sure whatever creative LTO you create, it still stays true to your brand. 
  6. Know your Limits – Do not create an LTO that is too much for your restaurant to handle. 

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