digital marketingDigital Marketing?  You’ve got this covered!  So, you’ve created profiles and pages on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp… maybe even YouTube.  Now, how do you make the most of your digital marketing?  The National Restaurant Association has some great tips to promote your restaurant’s offerings!  After all, if you don’t have an audience, your hard work goes to waste.

As your restaurant’s marketing strategy evolves, consider these tips:

  • Request customer contact information. Make sure they opt-in, and that you follow up.
  • Automate your messages. You may be able to work within your POS system or your email system to track birthdays or the anniversary of their opt-in to your digital marketing
  • Customize your brand experience. It’s got to be visually appealing, and on-point to your brand.  The customer needs to know quickly that you are behind the marketing
  • Determine where your customers are. Tracking, metrics, and analytics go a long way!

For more details on creating the most impact with your digital marketing, visit the National Restaurant Association here.