You work hard for your money and you want to put those hard-earned dollars to good use.

When you dine out, why not pick an eatery that gives back? Restaurants are at the heart of their communities, and many restaurants select charities to donate to each month. Restaurants give back.

Especially in times of need, restaurant operators respond generously with food, kindness, and generosity.

Doing Better by Doing Good: The Restaurant Industry Impact

Annually, the restaurant industry donates a staggering $3 billion in resources to communities.

This overwhelming generosity continues in spite of slim profit margins and challenging economies. Restaurants epitomize the mentality of doing better by doing good.

Restaurants contribute to their communities in many ways. In addition to donating time and contributing food, a full 94% of restaurants make charitable contributions. A full 70% make cash contributions.

This wonderful generosity by the restaurant industry has been noticed. 80% of consumers agree that restaurants are good corporate citizens.

How Can Your Restaurant Give Back?

Give Back in Times of Need

National chains give back on a grand scale, often spearheading large initiatives and enlisting participation from their customers.

But when disaster strikes, and need is imminent, restaurants step up and join in emergency relief efforts.

Restaurants will often offer food or beverages to first responders, or even to communities in need.

Dine for America is a national fundraising campaign initiated by the National Restaurant Association that supported the efforts of the American Red Cross after 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

Volunteering is a large component of how restaurants give back to their communities. Studies indicate that job performance and job satisfaction improves when employees are involved in volunteer efforts, and it enhances the restaurant’s reputation in the community.

It’s a win-win for all.

Fight Hunger by Donating Food

Over 35 million Americans face risk of hunger every day. Yet nearly 96 billion pounds of food go to waste each year.

Food and hunger are two sides of the same coin, so naturally restaurants are committed to doing their part to help combat hunger. Restaurateurs and their employees donate both food and their time to help those facing hunger.

Share Our Strength created the nationwide Dine Out for No Kid Hungry campaign. Additionally, the Food Donation Connection is a national partnership to help reduce and ultimately end food waste.

Both initiatives are supported by the National Restaurant Association.

Restaurants Give Back on Many Levels

In another initiative, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s military program provides career training as well as counseling. It also supports military hospitality programs.

On the whole, the restaurant industry is committed to having a positive impact on communities and people that could use a friendly helping hand.

Restaurant Neighbor Award: You Deserve to Rewarded for What You Do!

With nine in 10 restaurants involved in community service, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation works to raise awareness of the many philanthropic efforts taking place in the restaurant industry across America.

Each year, a small business, a mid-size restaurant company and a large/national chain each receive $5,000 to support a favorite charity or community project. One person receives the Cornerstone Humanitarian award.

Each participating state restaurant association will select winners in their respective states that will compete for the national award.  A panel of industry leaders selects four national winners to receive $5,000 each to support their community efforts.  In addition, winners receive an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. to receive their award during a gala awards dinner.

The restaurateurs who call New Mexico home take their wits, talents and skills outside of their restaurants and give their hearts to their communities. This is when a restaurant also becomes a good neighbor.

The past three years, The County Line of Albuquerque, Pizza 9 and Frontier Restaurant and Golden Pride were awarded with the special honor of the New Mexico Restaurant Neighbor Award for contributing thousands of dollars in support, food donation, scholarship sponsorships, food and clothing drives, supported those who have served and their families, and so much more!

This award is truly an honor for the recipient!

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