Membership Matters. In the whirlwind of managing your business, it’s easy to lose sight of the valuable resources at your disposal. Since 2021, NMRA has introduced new and improved benefits to ensure that we remain firmly by your side, whether you run a foodservice establishment, a hospitality entity, or you’re a vendor. As a reminder, this article will shed light on some of the remarkable ways NMRA is dedicated to supporting its diverse membership base. 

Reminders for All Members 

Member Community 

This is, by far, the biggest benefit initiative we have had in the last year. Our members told us how they wanted a way to connect with other restaurant industry professionals, and we listened.  The NMRA online community is your way to reach out to other members for advice, guidance, and networking.  Your peers are an amazing resource, and we have found a way to have a customized experience that ties the state together.  Hop on and share ideas, form interest groups, and access all those Members only resources you need.  We need you!  The benefits of the Community grow every time a new user signs on.  

Employee Benefits Store 

Employee recruitment and retention are huge challenges. Benefits can help. There are a lot of different avenues, and NMRA helps by providing you a wide range of choices. If you are not able to provide employer-sponsored benefits, or just want to enhance your current offerings, we now have a one stop shop for your employees to access resources on their own.  

Employees can purchase straight from this portal.  There are options for medical, dental, and vision.  The Store also offers extras like pre-paid legal, renter’s insurance, identity protection, and even pet insurance!  Point your employees to this great resource today! 

Recorded Webinars and Videos 

NMRA sponsors an informative webinar about once a month on topics that are important to your day to day operations.  You can find the next one on our online calendar.  Did you know that our recorded Webinars are also recorded and are accessible via the Online Community? If you missed a webinar, or need a refresher, visit the Online Community to view our member webinars.  We also have a library of videos of the NMRA Podcast, “NM Restaurants NOW!”. 

Log into the Community, and click on Resources to view. 

The Dish To Go

We are very proud of our weekly videos launched this year. The Dish – Takeout Edition will bring you all the important topics from our weekly newsletter in a short video format that is easy to digest on the go.  We know how swamped you are.  This gives you the news you need for the week in 3 minutes. You can find them each week on our main home page,  Or, have the Takeout Edition DELIVERED to you by subscribing to our YouTube Channel at the link above and you can get a notification any time a new video drops. 

Just for our Vendor Members 

Become a Featured Benefit 

The members you see here are vendors that have committed to providing discounts and incentives unique to NMRA Members.  Want to get more exposure?  Become one of these featured benefits!  Make a commitment to provide Member Exclusive discounts and programs.  It’s a great way to increase your exposure to New Mexico’s restaurant operators and put your business in the spotlight! 

Bonus tip: If you are already participating as a featured benefit, make sure you submit your mini-flyer/coupon to us! Email for more details.   

Your NMRA membership is a gateway to a thriving community, essential resources, and opportunities for growth. The Member Community, Employee Benefits Store, Recorded Webinars and Videos, The Dish To Go, and exclusive benefits for vendors all contribute to making your NMRA membership invaluable. So, don’t let the daily grind keep you from maximizing your membership. Dive in, explore, and take advantage of these resources.