finding great employeesRestaurant employees can be card to come by, and with so few good choices out there, restaurants are focusing on employee retention. You can’t afford to loose employees with this much of a demand for restaurant staff. Some restaurants are exceptional at keeping their staff working and content. Below there are some things you can do to improve your retention rate if you are not one of those restaurants;

  1. Show employees that they will be able to advance at your restaurant. If an employee feels like they are working at a dead-end job, they are going to quit, so help train employees and promote from within.
  2. Get feedback from employees and apply it. Ask employee’s what things they with were different at your restaurant, and try to apply as much of that feedback as possible. This will keep your employees feeling content and heard.
  3. Be very clear with employees. If you tell an employee that it is their job to keep customer satisfaction up, then you need to frequently show them those figures and be clear about ways that they could improve.

There are more tips on how to keep your restaurant staff on the website for the National Restaurant Association.