Employment Regulation Quick Links

Here you will find quick links to: State and Federal labor laws and regulations, links to New Mexico Workforce Solutions (NMDOL), Unemployment, Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Work Comp Administration (WCA), New Mexico minimum wage information, tip rules and more…bookmark this page for further reference.

General Labor Information

New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions

Other Required Posters

  • Required  State of New Mexico $12/hr Minimum Wage Poster
  • Required Labor Posters – Federal and State of New Mexico
    • FMLA Poster from the U.S. Department of Labor
    • City of Albuquerque Minimum Wage Resources
    • This is just to inform you that the Workers’ Compensation Administration in November 2018 updated the mandatory “WCA Poster” which informs workers that their employer is covered with the appropriate workers’ compensation insurance, and also provides the contact information for the insurer’s claims department. The content of the poster was not substantially changed, we simply updated the Administration (our) contact information to accurately reflect the current locations of our field offices and updated the URL listed to direct viewers to the WCA website, should they care to visit. How to tell if you have the latest version: there is a watermark of the official state of New Mexico seal behind text and there are phone numbers for the Hobbs office (rather than Lovington) and Santa Fe office (there may be really old versions still floating out there printed prior to establishment of our Santa Fe office). Please see the website for links to download and print both the full size (11 x 17 inch) version, as well as the two-part (8.5 x 11 inch) version. https://workerscomp.nm.gov/NMWCA-Publications You can also request printed versions by calling our ombudsman hotline: 1-866-967-5667.


Wages & Tipped Employee Information




Employee Benefits

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