Error-free Labor Compliance that gives you Worry-free Hiring

Fastrack Onboard provides software that protects you and your business from litigation and government fines by keeping you fully
compliant with regulations with the right tools for smart hiring.

– Error-free Labor Complianceprevents you from making errors in your hiring process that may result in financial losses due to employee litigation.

– Worry-free Hiring Process: streamlines your hiring and captures the expert hiring practices of your most well-informed HR manager and their legal counsel.

Take a look at just some of the benefits of using Fastrack Onboard:

  • Applicant Tracking – Hire better employees for success.
  • Centralize Recruiting – Streamline and delegate recruiting.
  • Risk Prevention – Prevents expensive fines and court costs.
  • Tax Breaks – Pays for itself in at least TWO ways.

Check out all the ways YOU can benefit from Fastrack Onboard!

As an NMRA Member, not only do you get tremendous discounts, you will also get a 1-minute labor compliance check-up and “The How-To Guide of Compliance Risk: 7 Proven Ways to Eliminate the Compliance Risk that is Preventable and Manage What Remains”. Your Compliance Risk Assessment will provide…

  • Discovery of potential compliance risk sources.
  • Identification of hidden risks that are building in severity.
  • Estimation of the dollar amount of each type of risk, the aggregate, and probability of a risk event.
  • Summary of the total risk exposure.
  • Tailored recommendations of how to address each type of risk with multiple layers of compliance protection.
  • A Fastrack OnBoard’s experts will provide you with a physical summary of your Compliance Risk Assessment
  • A Compliance Risk Policy template to modify for your own business.

Ready to jump Fastrack Onboard? Contact Mike Lancey at or give him a call at 206-282-0234 or toll free at 888-288-9506.