Greetings, fellow restaurateurs, community members, and esteemed legislators of New Mexico,

Welcome to our new blog, the Executive Table where I will be bringing you the inside scoop of what NMRA is up to on a regular basis. As we embark upon the 2024 30-day legislative session, I am pleased to present the legislative priorities of the New Mexico Restaurant Association (NMRA) – an organization committed to championing the vibrant restaurant industry within our beautiful state. Together, let us navigate the path toward a prosperous, inclusive, and thriving future for all.

  1. Supporting a Workforce Pipeline from High Schools to Restaurants: In line with our commitment to nurturing talent and providing opportunities, the NMRA wholeheartedly supports establishing a program to bridge the gap between high schools and the restaurant industry. This initiative would empower aspiring young individuals to explore exciting career paths and gain valuable skills within our vibrant and diverse culinary landscape. By fostering partnerships between educational institutions and the restaurant community, we can cultivate a robust workforce and invigorate our industry for generations to come.
  2. Opposition to Paid Family Medical Leave: The NMRA stands united in opposition to the proposed Paid Family Medical Leave legislation. While we wholeheartedly value the well-being of our employees, we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach may inadvertently burden small businesses. Instead, we encourage exploring alternative solutions that strike a balance between supporting employees and ensuring the sustainability of our cherished restaurants.
  3. Opposition to Increased Liquor Excise Tax: The NMRA emphasizes its strong opposition to any increase in the liquor excise tax. We believe that such a measure would place an undue burden on our industry, hindering growth and stifling entrepreneurship. Instead, we propose collaborative efforts to explore innovative solutions that foster responsible alcohol consumption while supporting the economic vitality of our restaurants.
  4. Opposition to Increases in Minimum Wage and Tipped Wage: While we recognize the importance of fair compensation, the NMRA expresses its concerns regarding any sudden increases in both the minimum wage and tipped wage. We believe that a thoughtful and phased approach is necessary to protect the viability of our restaurants. Let us engage in meaningful dialogue to find a sustainable solution that supports both employee welfare and the continued success of our industry.

In conclusion, the New Mexico Restaurant Association believes a collaborative approach is key to achieving our shared goals. We invite all stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue to ensure that the legislative decisions made during the 2024 session support the growth, sustainability, and inclusivity of our beloved restaurant industry.

 Let us work hand in hand, embracing creativity and innovation as we craft a future that celebrates the unique flavors, cultures, and experiences that make New Mexico’s restaurant industry genuinely exceptional.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and together, let us build a thriving culinary landscape for all.