Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is definitely a hot-button issue.  While knowing the wage in your area is paramount, there are so many other nuances and factors to consider.  Click below for several links that help answer questions we have recently been receiving regarding minimum wage.

Q:  Can I factor in Credit Card service charges when calculating wages?

A:  No.  New Mexico Prohibits this practice.

Q:  What information do I have to provide when reporting tips?  What are the guidelines of tip pooling?

A:  Click here for a fact sheet from the US Department of Labor concerning tips and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Q: Do I utilize the federal wage, state wage, the county wage, or the wage in my city?

  1. Follow the strictest of the ordinances that apply to your location.   If you are within the city limits of a city with its own minimum wage (Albuquerque, Las Cruces, or Santa Fe), follow the guidelines of your city.  If you are outside of the incorporated city limits, but your county has its own minimum wage (Bernalillo County, Santa Fe County), follow the guidelines of your county.  Follow the New Mexico minimum wage if you are not in an area listed above.  Click here for a full list of wages.  Make sure to click into the details of your area to view the specific ordinances.

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