Your Guide to Choosing a Food Delivery Service for Your Restaurant

Partnering with a food delivery service is an excellent way to boost your revenue and reach out to customers.

But how do you select the right company? How can you execute food delivery safely, efficiently while ensuring the cost isn’t prohibitive?

It’s important to take an objective look at your restaurant before taking the plunge.

Is a Food Delivery Service Appropriate for Your Restaurant Operations?

Every restaurant is unique and you want your business to succeed. Ask yourself a few questions about your restaurant operations.

  1. Are your customers asking for food delivery? Is there a demand for delivery?
  2. Will your food transport safely? With high quality results? Does it reheat well?
  3. Do you have the right infrastructure? Containers, payment systems, efficient online ordering?
  4. How often does your staff make mistakes? Are orders frequently sent back for any reason?
  5. Should your delivery service only apply to a limited menu?
  6. How far will your delivery radius be?
  7. Does the cost to the restaurant eat into profits?

Before choosing a delivery partner, you want to ensure that you can provide your customers the best product possible in an efficient manner from start to finish. This means fresh food at a safe temperature in appropriate containers with smooth online ordering and an easy payment system.

Unfortunately, many restaurant owners don’t ask themselves these questions before offering food delivery. This mistake is not good for customers or restaurants.

Selecting the Right Delivery Service

Are you ready to select a food delivery service partner? Here are your options in New Mexico. Remember, you can always hire your own delivery drivers, too.

With these companies, you also get a bonus – marketing potential to grow your business. Make sure to ask questions, and get answers.

Restaurants 2 U

Restaurants 2 U is a small delivery service founded in 2017, and locally owned in Albuquerque, NM.  With a combined experience of 15 years in the Food Delivery Industry they are your  local delivery service committed to providing excellent customer service, and will get your order to you in a quick and timely manner.

Meal Runner

Meal Runner is another local food delivery service that is affordable and quick. Delivering in most areas of NW Albuquerque, Corrales and Rio Rancho.

Uber Eats

UberEATS is extremely fast – 15 minutes on average – and very simple to use. You also get extra benefits like promotions and delivery tracking. This means more sales, reduced marketing costs, and even hiring more employees or expanding.

 Seamless, GrubHub, and EAT 24

All three companies (Seamless, GrubHub, and EAT 24) have merged to form one network. Unfortunately, customers often complain about Seamless’ speed and service – so, tread wisely. Plus, you get to choose between using a Seamless driver or your own hire.

With Seamless, you get to choose between using a Seamless driver or your own hire. Check with your liability insurer before you send your own employees on deliveries.

How New Mexico Restaurant Association Can Help

NMRA believes in uniting around common goals and values restaurant owners and operators share. We’re here to help you build the most successful restaurant possible as a crucial part of the New Mexico economy.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member or join today.

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