Restaurants Give Back!  Please see below for a request we received from a charitable cause:

Catholic Charities has been leading an effort to receive asylum seekers coming legally to the US from the El Paso border. Our role is to assist them as they travel to their final destination to family or sponsors. Since mid-February, we have received close 500 families, including children who come in buses in groups of about 50. We receive from 50 to 100 each time We have received buses weekly or semi-weekly. The first thing we do for these families is provide them a hot meal. Some of these adults and children have not eaten for days by the time they come to us. Following their meal, we help them prepare their travel requirements. Then we assist with clothing as well as hot showers. Finally they get to sleep in warm, comfortable room. They stay with us anywhere from 24 to 72 hours.

They arrive on Mondays, typically in the afternoon and we provide an early evening meal (4:30 p.m.). Subsequent days, we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner until they leave. The first day, we are serving all 50 to 100 people then, as their travel is firmed up, they leave and the number of individuals decreases each day.

We also provide a food “care package” for those who may have a long bus ride across the nation. If we did not provide these, they would not eat; some travel for 2-3 days to their final destination.

We have been relying on the generosity of churches and civic organizations to help with food preparation, delivery and service. We are currently serving in Albuquerque, however the demand is great and we will be opening a site in Rio Rancho the week of 4/22. Hence, we need support/donations for both sites/cities.

As you requested, here’s what we need:

  • We need warm meals (especially on the first and 2nddays)
  • They must be delivered to the site (we do not disclose the site until necessary, for safety and privacy)
  • We need “bland” food, nothing spicy or greasy (no pizza, chili, etc.)
  • Chicken, rice, beans, fruits, vegetables, salad, soup, breads, crackers work well
  • Burritos (rice, beans potatoes (again, no chili)
  • Canned goods (with a pop/pull top), packaged snacks work well for travel
  • Juices, milk
  • Water is always needed; our volunteers give them water and an orange when they arrive, as they are very dehydrated

·        We welcome volunteers to stay, greet and help serve. Spanish speakers to interact with our guests are great.

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