As a restaurant employee, you’re trained. You’re experienced. You’re good at your job. That’s why it’s so essential that you provide input to your managers. While they’re busy doing their jobs, they may not be able to see the gaps in the day-to-day rules of the restaurant’s Food Safety Management System. But you do.  

As you go about your work each day, analyze what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. When you see improvements that could be made on the SOPs of your job, tell your manager.  Experienced employees like you are the key to making it all work.

Managers, when you get feedback, consider how you might change policies or procedures to help improve the restaurant’s food safety. Then, keep employees in the loop.

What information should you pass along?

Food safety goals

When you have a new policy, specify precisely what it is meant to achieve in terms of food safety.

Who’s in charge of what

Identify the people in charge of each food-safety related activity in the restaurant and make sure they know when the action should happen.

SOP analysis 

Define each step of the food safety process and let each person know exactly what is expected of him or her.

Corrective actions 

Evaluate each job task and define corrective actions to be taken if anything doesn’t meet job specifications.

Your input on improvements to food safety policies and procedures is vital to the restaurant’s success. As you go about your work, keep an eye out for anything that could be improved to increase food safety – and let your managers know.

For a helpful visual reminder of these points, download our free poster and then share the Week 2 activity sheet with your employees.