Albuquerque Medallion SealWe have had many victories in our attempt to promote pro-business messages against the sick leave initiative in Albuquerque. We won the attempt to keep the initiative off of the 2016 November ballot. We won the argument against putting a misleading summary on the ballot. And we hope to win our lawsuit claiming that ballot initiatives are a fraud on the voter and unconstitutional.

All of that aside this “Healthy Workforce Ordinance” will be on the October ballot with all of its anti-business regulation.

We have conducted polling that leads us to believe that, using the right messages with likely voters, we can win this at the ballot.

Now we need money to get the word out. I am asking for $1,000 from 100 restaurants in Albuquerque to get this campaign kicked off. I have pledges from 10 restaurants right now, we only have 90 to go. Please be a part of the solution by giving $1,000 right now. (Write a $1,000 Check to NMRA- Grassroots, send it to 9201 Montgomery NE, Suite 602, Albuquerque, NM 87111 or call my cell phone 505-250-2911)

If you are reading this and don’t think you will be affected go to and calculate how much this will cost your company. I can promise you $1,000 is nothing compared to what this ordinance will cost your business in hard costs as well as potential litigation. Consider giving a smaller amount if that is all you can afford.

The other side has already spent $99,000. We can catch up easily and we can win but only with your help.

Top 10 Reasons You should be VERY concerned about SICK LEAVE on the October Ballot in Albuquerque

  1. All Employers: Large, Small, for Profit, Charities and Nonprofits will have to pay sick leave to…
  2. All Employees: full-time, part-time, and temporary, 1 hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked, from the first day of work!
  3. If the employer takes ANY ADVERSE ACTION against an employee within 90 days of taking sick leave it is presumed the employer is retaliating against the employee, which is a punishable violation under this ordinance.
  4. Your Sick Leave Policy Will Change to be in compliance with the ordinance (unless it is based on a collective bargaining agreement)
  5. If the employer requires a doctor’s note to prove sickness, the employer pays for the doctor’s visit.
  6. The City Attorney can audit and investigate your records with penalties payable to the city. This is monetary incentive for the city to ensure non-compliance.
  7. Triple monetary damages and payment for attorney’s to the employee if they prevail. Nothing for the   employer if they prevail.
  8. The ordinance allows for punitive litigation including: Class Action, three times monetary damages including lost wages, possible reinstatement, civil penalties of $50 per week per employee, employees attorney fees.
  9. This ordinance cannot be changed by the City Council.
  10. You can calculate the cost to your business at

Protect your business!

Learn the facts and take action by donating to the Albuquerque Coalition for a Healthy Economy.


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