Sell Restaurant Brand-Get Better EmployeesNM Restaurateurs know all too well good help is hard to find. James Ringler, of Corvirtus’ Consulting Solutions says over the last 5  years more than half of employers say they can’t find good staff.  Restaurant Hospitality offers good suggestions to find and keep the right people.  First of all, sell your restaurant brand to get better employees.

So, what does “selling” your restaurant look like? It means making sure prospective employees understand who you are and what makes your restaurant special. It’s guaranteeing they are excited, and therefore, committed to joining your team.

Today’s job hunters use a variety of ways to find the right job.  Therefore. save time and be smart. Write job descriptions that give a clear idea what you want. Tell candidates what you can offer prospective employees.  This is important because prospective employees need to feel they “scored.”

• Share your employee value proposition. Make sure candidates know what you can do for them.  Share your benefits and perks. Focus on the kind of employee you want and create a message reach them.

• Tell your story. Personalize what your restaurant is all about. Share your perspective about the business.

• Treat candidates like customers. Treat your prospective employee like you would a customer. Be clear, direct, and engaging. Follow through with timely updates as to the interview  and hiring process.

• Use simple, engaging language. Give your candidates clear, easy-to-understand job descriptions. Take time to describe what a typical day ion your restaurant looks like. Emphasize the importance of your current team, and as a result, why you want the best people.

• Implement a life-cycle branding experience. Employees need to experience a consistent brand.  That’s where your leadership comes in. However, when selling a candidate on what makes you restaurant great, follow through. Make sure your culture reflects what you said. Stay focused and consistent with every employee and candidate.

These steps can help you create the workforce your restaurant needs. It can make the difference between your restaurant “getting by” or wowing your customers. Dive into more ideas here.