We know how much you care about your employees. We have connected you to many employer sponsored benefits, and now we have another option– an online store for employees to purchase their own benefits if they choose to do so.

Our newest featured benefit is fueled by Alliant and HealthEE by HBG to help NMRA members and their employees secure a wide array of health insurance options and other benefit services for part-time and gig economy workers who are typically ineligible to participate in employer-sponsored benefit plans. This gives you a resource to offer your employees outside of employer-sponsored benefits.


This benefit will enable you to provide your employees with easy access to browse options online for:

  • Employee-owned Health Coverage
  • Employee-owned Dental insurance starting at $25 a month
  • Employee-owned Vision insurance starting at $18 a month
  • No open enrollment times – join anytime
  • Easy access to disability insurance
  • Easy quoting and shopping for home, auto, rental, and condo insurance
  • Other resources for living like pre-paid legal, pet insurance, and identity insurance

It’s easy to shop, browse the store here and contact HealthEE support with any questions.

An easy retention tool for our members

We understand that hiring and retaining employees in the restaurant industry can be difficult, that’s why we’ve partnered with Alliant and HealthEE by HBG to build the NMRA benefits store. The store can be shared with employees and as an employer, you have some options. The NMRA benefits store can be shared with employees for them to pick their benefits and pay with their debit or credit card. If you want to be more involved and contribute to benefits as an employer, contact membership@nmrestaurants.org and we will connect you with resources.

Benefits you can trust

We’ve done the work for you so you (and your employees) can benefit. The Alliant and HealthEE teams use their years of experience to find the best value for your benefits, from cost to services to flexibility. Say goodbye to administrative headaches and hello to the NMRA benefits store

Easy access benefits

Dental, vision, disability, and even pet insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Your employees (and you) can use our one-stop-shop to protect your whole family (because pets are family too). With our benefits store you and your employees have access to real, human support to get the answers to all of your benefits related questions. To schedule a call with the support team click here, the store is always open – shop, browse, and enroll.

The benefits store is always open

You and your employees can enroll in coverage whenever you’re ready and pay with your credit or debit card – there are no deductions from your paycheck, open enrollment periods, or lengthy subscription terms. Browse the store here and contact HealthEE support with any questions.

We did the work

We have searched for a benefits solution for NMRA members for a long time and hope you find this helpful. If you have any questions about these benefits, enrollment, or the networks – please reach out to the HealthEE Support Team, they can answer any questions you may have.

Visit the store to browse, add to cart, and purchase your coverage.