This is the FINAL WEEK before Election Day in Albuquerque’s municipal election. Early voting ends Sept. 29 at 6 p.m. Please vote early and beat the Election Day wait. To see early voting locations, click here.

Albuquerque Business First is polling readers about the proposed ordinance, “Do you support the proposed sick leave ballot initiative?” Help us make very clear where Albuquerque’s business community stands on this. To vote click here , and please vote “No.
Voting in ABF’s poll is one thing, voting in the election is crucial! Every vote counts. If the proposed ordinance receives just one more vote in favor, it is enacted. THE TIME IS NOW TO GET OUT THE VOTE! Not only do we need you to vote and to get your loved ones to vote, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!

Polling released this week from multiple sources says that the FOR-AGAINST gap is closing, and WE CAN WIN THIS! OLÉ, the activist group pushing for the ordinance, has volunteers knocking on doors and calling voters, and we must do the same to defeat the proposed ordinance!
The Albuquerque Coalition for a Healthy Economy (ACHE) will be making phone calls and walking neighborhoods Wednesday through Saturday using the i360 app, which is very efficient and easy to use. The coalition has food, water, scripts and GPS maps (on provided iPads) to make volunteering easy. You can even download the app and use your own smart phone or tablet.
Morning, afternoon and evening shifts will be staging at the office of the New Mexico Association of Commerce and Industry (ACI). We hope there is a time that works for you to help us get out the vote and to urge Albuquerque to vote “AGAINST” the proposed ordinance:

*   9 a.m. – Noon: Walking
*   Noon – 3 p.m.: Calling
*   3 p.m. – 6 p.m.: Break (or if this is the only time you can help out, we can accommodate you)
*   6 p.m. – 9 p.m.: Walking and Calling

ACI is located at 2201 Buena Vista Dr. SE #410, Albuquerque, NM 87106.
ACHE’s volunteer coordinator, David Montes, has created an event-registration page to help coordinate volunteers. Please register here if you will volunteer to defend Albuquerque’s economy in these final days!