Below are instructions to obtain the information from DWS that you will need on your LEDA Grant application. 
  1. Go to
  2. Under the Business header, select the Unemployment Insurance (UI) tab
  3. Select Register/Login UI Tax option
  4. This will bring you to the secure Employer Log In page
  5. Enter the Employer’s User ID and Password (Once logged in to the Employer’s online UI Account, follow the path below to view the most recent wage report submitted.  This will allow the employer to see the exact count of employees reported.)
  6. From the Employer Home page:

    Employer Home Screen
    Select the Employment and Wage Detail Reporting Home tab à View Submission History tab à

    View Submission History Tab
    Enter the Quarter (3) and the Year (2020) à Search

    Search Results
    The results will show the submission date of the wage report, the total amount of wages reported, the number of employees reported during that quarter and other pertinent information related to that submission.