We know the restaurant industry is a great place to work and we want to tell you all about it. No other industry offers more first jobs or second chances than hospitality. Join millions of other Americans in this exciting career field TODAY! 


Half of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry at some point during their lives, and nearly one in three Americans had their first job at a restaurant. Restaurants instill important professional skills including collaboration, multitasking, customer service, and time management. People retain these talents throughout their careers, whether they stay in the sector or change occupations. Restaurant team members with little or no experience are offered a career path where they may get fundamental on-the-job training and learn skills that lead to careers as chefs or in management in restaurants or other industries. Most restaurant employees advance from their entry-level positions — nine out of 10 salaried restaurant employees started in hourly positions, and 80 percent of restaurant owners/managers started in entry-level positions. 


Our industry takes pride in being one of second chances. We understand that no one is perfect and sometimes life throws you curve balls. The stability that comes from gainful employment is often a cornerstone in rebuilding after major life obstacles. Restaurant owners are waiting with open arms and want to see you succeed. Many other industries and occupations throw walls up and judge applicants for things in their past that  might not have been in their control or situations that they have outgrown. If you are looking for a second chance, your seat at the table is waiting.

If you previously worked in the industry and have moved on due to COVID regulations or other reasons, we ask that you give us a second chance. New Mexico’s restaurants need your skills.


The freedom and flexibility that a job in the hospitality industry offers make it a perfect fit for your already busy schedule. Busy parents, college students and even Uber drivers can find a rewarding  & exciting part-time career in food service that not only earns extra income but lets you live your life too. You can attend your kid’s sporting event, study for your tests or drive your regular shift without missing out on the stability that comes from a steady job. The good news is, the conversation skills you polished with your rides, the management skills you honed keeping your household in order or the discipline that drives you to academic success all translate into abilities that are found in the most successful restaurant employees. 

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