Employee Time SheetsWith the Department of Labor’s proposed overtime revisions, the NRA and several small business owners have voiced their opinions and concerns about what this will do to small business owners and restaurants.  One restaurant owner from Idaho, Kevin Settles, spoke during a Small Business Committee hearing stating the things he believes are a major concern for a restaurant owner once these “One size fits all” revisions are put into place. This kind of universal plan could be seriously detrimental to small businesses and their employees. If you are concerned that the new revisions could affect your company, this article can give you helpful insight into what would happen under the new guidelines:

  • The potential for a new “duties test” – the guidelines that define employees and who must be paid overtime
  • Salary threshold –  the salary threshold for exemption from overtime would go from $23,660 to $50,440—a 113 percent increase
  • Automatic threshold increases – these would occur automatically without allowing input
  • Review time – the requests for more time to view the regulations as so far been denied

You can also view video of Mr. Settles testimony before the committee. More…