Chef taking inventory

Take Your Restaurant’s Daily Inventory To Prevent Employee Theft

This is Step 2 in our comprehensive Restaurant Success Guide.

In the restaurant business we need to be aware of another unnecessary but common loss that many restaurant operators are suffering from: theft from employees. Sadly it is an all-too common source of food loss and profit loss.

So beyond just taking inventory monthly; it’s also important to take a quick daily inventory of high cost items and compare it to your daily sales too. This way you will know early if someone is stealing from you.

Our # 1 Success Tips:

You don’t need to take a full inventory every day, but do take a daily inventory of your high cost food items (such as high cost meat items like shrimp and steak).

Then, of course, always take a full monthly inventory. (Big brands like McDonald’s & Pizza Hut also do weekly inventory.)

Real-Life Example:

Unfortunately, I have seen many restaurant owners who have lost a lot of money by not putting a daily inventory check into place. Once they did, however, these losses were soon eliminated.

How Can NMRA Help YOU Reduce Overhead Costs?  

Sometimes just putting the checklist together can be daunting. No worries!

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