As consumers become more environmentally conscious, restaurants are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability. One way to do this is by highlighting locally sourced craft beers, wines & spirits on your menu. Not only do these products support local businesses, but they also help reduce the environmental impact of shipping products long distances.

Craft breweries, wineries & distilleries are booming across New Mexico, offering unique and flavorful options for restaurants to incorporate into their menus. By sourcing locally, you’re not only supporting these small businesses but also reducing the amount of transportation required to bring these products to your restaurant. This means fewer emissions and a smaller carbon footprint, which is great for both the environment and your customers who are looking for sustainable options.

But local sourcing doesn’t just benefit the environment; it can also benefit your bottom line. By sourcing locally, you can often negotiate better prices and ensure that your products are fresher and of higher quality. This is especially important when it comes to beer, as freshness is key to the taste and quality of the product. By working directly with local breweries, wineries & distilleries, you can ensure that your customers are getting the best possible product.

In addition to supporting local businesses and reducing your carbon footprint, highlighting locally sourced craft beers, wines & spirits on your menu can also be a great way to attract customers. Many consumers are looking for unique and locally sourced products when they dine out, and featuring these options on your menu can help set you apart from the competition.

So, how can you incorporate locally sourced craft beers, wines & spirits into your menu? Start by reaching out to local breweries, wineries & distilleries to see what they have to offer. You can also attend local food and beverage events to connect with producers and taste their products. The New Mexico Distillers Guild for example holds seasonal events to introduce businesses to local spirits.  Also the NMRA member directory is an excellent place to find local sources in your area. Once you’ve established relationships with these producers, you can work together to create a menu that showcases their products and promotes sustainability.

In conclusion, highlighting locally sourced craft beers, wines & spirits on your menu can be a great way to reduce your restaurant’s environmental impact, support local businesses, and attract customers. By incorporating these products into your menu, you can promote sustainability while providing your customers with unique and flavorful options.