tequilatreeInnovative Christmas Marketing with Tequila Bottles

Follow the lead of NMRA Member Double Eagle de Mesilla when it comes to innovative Christmas marketing! Owner Buddy Ritter saw a photo of a stack of Patron bottles with green and red Christmas lights and the wheels started turning.  With the help of local architect Ron Nims and VG Electric, they made the “tequila tree” a reality!  Since over 170 Patron bottles were needed, suggestive selling was top of the mind for Double Eagle employees.

Although still short several bottles, the tree is now on display in the central indoor patio assembled over the main fountain of the restaurant.  “It’s going to be a must-see for a trip to Mesilla during the Christmas season.” said Ritter.  The Patron U S A representatives were so impressed, they have asked Ritter to manufacture more for shipping throughout America.  For more information, contact the restaurant here.