Internet Buzz Fills Restaurants Diners Share Love OnlineInternet buzz fills your restaurant and creates more revenue for you. Diners share love online about their favorite restaurants. Restaurant Hospitality  wants you to stay ahead of the curve.  Emily Washcovick is a manager of local business outreach at Yelp.  She shares some ideas to help you create better buzz.  The Nielsen Company finds that, 78 percent of diners look for restaurants online. Yelp reviews are a major way that restaurateurs create buzz.

Internet Buzz Fills Restaurants

Here are the top five tips for business owners to get their customers to rave about them online, without asking for reviews:

1. Focus on incredible customer service. Good customer service reviews are more likely to be five-star reviews rather than one-star.

2. Respond to reviews. Business owners can comment on reviews publicly or privately through Yelp for Business Owners. However, when you respond to a customer, it is important to remain professional. In addition, Thank posters for the feedback. Let them know their opinion matters. Anything you do to correct a complaint will win you points.

3. Share your reviews on other platforms. When you have a great review, you want people to see it. You can now log into Yelp For Business Owners and share your reviews on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter or via email. We’ve even seen businesses print their reviews and frame them for display.

4. Be proud of your page. Beyond letter diners know you have a Yelp or social media page, make it visible in your store. Also, don’t forget your webpage and company vehicle. Use  “Find Us On Yelp” .

5. Set up a check-in offer or certificate. Reward customers for posting a check-in on Yelp or other social media. A  freebie gives motivates diners to come to your restaurant. Additionally, whenever someone checks into a business or buys a Yelp certificate, they can also write a review.